San Juan Pools of Oklahoma manufactures fifteen different models of fiberglass pools ranging in size from fourteen feet long for our smallest pool to forty four feet long for our largest diving pool.

Although the company manufactures pools for dealers and customers who self-install, the firm installs most of the pools that it manufactures directly for the customer. Pool site location and preparation and proper installation all have a critical bearing on the success of any fiberglass pool project, as well as the quality of the pool itself.

By dealing directly with the manufacturer, the customer can rely on San Juan for the best method of installing its product in accordance with the different conditions that exist at each job site. Also, dealing directly with the manufacturer reduces the cost to the customer.

The company has always had a direct relationship with the customer where the rubber meets the road. Over the years, they have become highly specialized in dealing with virtually any issue related to fiberglass pools. In addition to manufacturing and installation, the firm has considerable experience in general maintenance, troubleshooting, minor repair, major repair, flotation damage, pool removal, pool rebuilding, pool transporting, pool reinstallation and a myriad of other issues.

San Juan Pools have been manufactured in Tulsa, Oklahoma, since 1969, which makes us the oldest manufacturer of fiberglass pools in the United States. No other firm can offer this vast reservoir of 50 years of fiberglass pool experience that directly benefits every San Juan customer in countless ways from the quality and durability of the product, to the installation expertise, to the strong commitment to the welfare of its pools, long after the sale.


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