What A Way to Go!

San Juan Pools are made in our factory, not in your yard. The level of quality and efficiency attainable in our manufacturing plant is light-years ahead of the old-fashioned backyard construction method of building a pool out in all kinds of weather, using all kinds of subcontractors, which drags on, month after month after month, before the job is done. 

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No More Concrete Problems

A San Juan Pool is an excellent choice in adverse clay soil conditions subject to expansion and contraction that can crack concrete. Sooner or later, most concrete will crack.



One of the advantages of fiberglass is its high flexural strength properties. This is why you can jump up and down on a fiberglass diving board and it will give and bend, but not break.The strong and resilient San Juan fiberglass pool has the same advantages.


The stress caused by the expansion and contraction of difficult soils is pretty mild compared to the bouncing around a San Juan pool endures while being hauled on a trailer at forty or fifty miles per hour out in the boondocks on a bumpy old dirt road.

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No More Plaster Problems



Workers prepare an old pool for new plaster and tile by grinding

and sandblasting the interior of the pool.



Worker sandblasting municipal swimming pool

McClure Park Tulsa Oklahoma

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No More Paint Problems

The gel coat finish on a San Juan Pool is chemically bonded to the fiberglass laminate during the fabrication process of the pool, just like a fiberglass boat or a fiberglass spa. This very durable finish is considered permanent.


Many gunite/concrete pool owners elect to repaint rather than replaster because the cost to paint a pool is about a third of the cost to plaster a pool.

Unfortunately, the life expectancy of a swimming pool paint job is brief, two or three seasons or so, before the paint starts to peel and flake off.

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No More Tile Problems

San Juan has eliminated the old waterline tile and its problems.

Tile is used because the water forms a bathtub ring that stains concrete or plaster. The waterline tile installed on a gunite/concrete pool is very attractive when new, but as time goes by, the grouting can deteriorate and the tiles can crack, loosen and fall off, which is not at all attractive.




The bathtub ring is easy to clean off the smooth, shiny surface of a San Juan Pool. Usually, a little spray cleaner and a sponge are all that is needed.

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No More Coping Problems

The cast concrete coping blocks that are grouted in around the edge of an old-fashioned concrete/gunite pool can crack,loosen and fall off.




San Juan has the smooth, continuous molded-in rim all around the pool.  It hasn't scraped a belly yet climbing in or out of the pool over the edge.




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No More Skinned Knees or Noses

That smooth, glossy finish inside a San Juan fiberglass pool is really something! So smooth you can dive in and skim along the bottom like a playful seal. We dare you to try that in a gunite pool! A vigorous game of volleyball in a gunite pool can leave your feet feeling pretty raw and tender.

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No More Algae Problems


Ask any gunite pool owner about their biggest problem and nine out of ten will complain about algae. It sprouts like mushrooms overnight and sticks to the pool like the bark on a tree.


During the swimming season, all pools must be treated regularly with chlorine or some other sanitizer. If not, even a San Juan pool will turn green with algae. However, algae can be controlled in a San Juan pool with far less chlorine and no other algaecide chemicals.


This yellow, green or black slime thrives on a rough porous surface, but it does not normally stick to the smooth shiny surface of a San Juan pool. This means far less chlorine is needed to combat algae and no expensive algaecide chemicals are necessary. Most San Juan owners never have an algae problem.


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No More Big Chemical Bills

If you think prescription drugs are high, check out the chemicals at your local pool supply store! Intensive care for a chronically ill concrete/gunite pool can mean a lot of trips to the pool store and a big dent in your pocketbook every time.


The smooth shiny finish of a San Juan fiberglass pool is highly resistant   to algae infestation and it is easily cured without expensive algaecide chemicals, which means a substantial savings in chemical costs.

We believe a San Juan pool to be the most economical pool to operate. Chemical costs can be double in a vinyl liner pool and as much as five times more in a gunite pool.



The chlorinating compound we recommend is calcium hypochlorite, the least expensive type on the market. One hundred pounds should last the entire season.

Expensive algaecide chemicals can be eliminated. This is a substantial savings in pool operating costs.

The pH factor of the water can be easily balanced with small amounts of inexpensive pool acid or soda ash.


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No More Corrosion Problems


Properly formulated fiberglass composites can be virtually free of corrosion problems and other similar forms of deterioration.

 Strong chlorine compounds and pool acids do not deteriorate San Juan fiberglass pools like they do concrete/gunite and vinyl liner pools.


Large corrosion resistant fiberglass tank
used for processing sulfuric acid.

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Winter Wonderland

Even at sub zero temperatures, a San Juan pool

 remains strong and flexible.

How about our Winter Bonus! If it gets cold enough, your San Juanpool can be allowed to freeze solid in the winter for ice skating!

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On the Road Again 

An investment in a San Juan pool is not necessarily buried forever.It can be recycled!

This San Juan pool was removed in six hours and on its way to its new home twenty five miles away. A great many San Juan pools have been relocated over the years, some as close as the yard next door and some as far as hundreds of miles away. Easy come, easy go!


The Second Time Around

An Oldie But Goodie



This San Juan pool was over 20 years old when it was moved from Tulsa to Drumright, Oklahoma, and it is now nearly 30 years old.


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The Dog Days of Summer

You are invited to enjoy those long, scorching dog days of summer in a beautiful, smooth and shiny San Juan fiberglass pool, so easy to care for, year after year.

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Famous for Easy Maintenance!



For the rich and famous, the high cost of the maintenance and repair of their gunite pool is no big deal, just part of the good life. For most of us however, time and money are not unlimited, and the amount of both that is required for the care and repair of a high maintenance pool can become a never ending burden that was not anticipated.


We believe that a San Juan fiberglass pool is the most durable and lowest maintenance swimming pool that money can buy.


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